Jens Jakobsen Floral Construction: snowdrops

Flowers are a never ending story, filled with all the emotions; joy, happiness and sorrow. I am truly alive when amongst nature, the very presence of flowers is enough to inspire me.

My childhood was on an Island called 'The Garden of Denmark', and now in my forties I have more than 20 years of experience in many different countries.

As a child I could barely wait for the first Snowdrops to arrive. They possess an exquisite simplicity that is the peak of sophistication. It was always hard to wait for them to be strong enough to cut and bring indoors. After only a couple of days, their beauty fleeting, I would want a lasting memory of that precious moment, so in my favourite book I would press them to be rediscovered again. My passion for nature began there, and the understanding that harmony can be created from surprising contrasts involving forms and architectural shapes.

It can be a bunch of Lilly of the Valley or five stems of an old scented Rose which sparks the idea to create something truly unique. The hard work of creation, through careful thought and technique, can yield fantastic satisfaction when 'The Wow Factor' is achieved.

No matter if it's only a single red rose for 'The One' who has stolen your heart or larger scale events like a child's christening, Bar Mitzvahs, or weddings, few other gestures can compare with the simple act of offering flowers to friends or loved ones. Throughout the world flowers form a vital part of our ritual celebrations and festivals of our many cultures.

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